Amersham and Chalfont HC Junior Associate squad

Catch all 'team' for all Juniors who are not regular members of the club but who want to be copied regarding camps and other non-regular activities.
Anandi Bhui
dob  19/6/07
Peter Brown
Will be an U10 for 2018/19 if he decides to join
Sean Casey
Yr 4 in 2020-21
Tom Crichton
Is U12s age but is training in U10s with brother Tom
Freddie Fernandez
A fearsome tackler with a powerful shot!
Millie Hambleton
Mum is Polly
Danella Jones

Year 7 Pipers Corner

Paid subs 14.9.2018 £140


Sofia Kaski
U10 2017/18, planning to join when space available in Sept 2018
Evie Mundy
Yr4 in 2016/17
Robert Treloar
Rugby training Sunday's 10-12