Amersham and Chalfont HC - Who Can I Umpire

ACHC teams play in a variety of leagues that have different requirements as to the qualification of umpires needed. To help you know who you can umpire here is a guide that shows the minimum standards required for each team & the league they play within.

Note : EH Cup Matches have different umpiring requirements as detailed in the tournament rules so if in doubt please check.


Ladies Section 

 Ladies 7’s 
 Trysports Div 7 - Club Umpire*

 Ladies 6’s
 Trysports Div 5 - Club Umpire*

Ladies 5’s 
Trysports Div 3 - Level 1 unassessed

Ladies 4’s
 Trysports Div 3 - Level 1 unassessed

Ladies 3’s
 Trysports Div 1 - Level 1 assessed

 Ladies 2’s
 Trysports Premier 1 - Level 1 assessed
 appointed by  
Berkshire Hockey Umpires  Association

 Ladies 1’s
 South Division 2 - Level 2
 appointed by Southern Counties Hockey Umpires  Association (SCHUA)

Men's Section 

 Grand Masters
 London League - Club Umpire*

 Men’s 7’s
 MBBO Div 9 - Club Umpire*

 Men’s 6’s
 MBBO Div 8 (east) - Club Umpire*

 Men’s 5’s
 MBBO Div 7 - Club Umpire* 

 Men’s 4’s
 MBBO Div 6 - Club Umpire*

 Men’s 3’s
 MBBO Div 4 - Level 1 assessed

 Men’s 2’s
 MBBO Div 1 - Level 1 assessed
 appointed by Buck’s Hockey Umpires Association

 Men’s 1’s
 MBBO Regional 1 - Level 1 assessed
 appointed by Buck’s Hockey Umpires Association



Junior Section

 Mixed 8-U10 - Club Umpire*

 U12 - Level 1 unassessed

 U14 - level 1 unassessed

 U16 - level 1 assessed

 U18 - level 1 assessed

Junior Mentors
Must have completed DBS and EH  Safeguarding 


 * Club Umpires means they maybe unqualified but are expected to be competent and preferably on the EH list of umpires

Any Questions please contact our umpiring team
Richard Webb 
Heidi Rutherford (07966 464935)
Brendan Dunne
Email :