Amersham and Chalfont HC - Umpire Radios

The Club has use of two radios the UmpireTalk Radio and the MCi2 Interphone

Under COVID-19 Guidance only personal issue headsets should currently be used. 
To purchase your own headset try this link

The UmpireTalk Radio
We have several sets stored for use in the clubhouse.

Pairing Instructions

  1. Turn both units on (red-light illuminates) 

  2. Hold them in relatively close proximity to each other 

  3. Press and hold the “Code” button on one unit until red light flashes rapidly 

  4. Release the “Code” button and then repeat steps 3 and 4 on the second unit 

  5. Once done, the red lights on both units should flash 3 additional times (more slowly however) 

  6. The radios should now be successfully paired 

The radios will remain paired even when switched off which is useful if, for example, you need to conserve the battery life at half time or between games. To connect to a different radio, simply just repeat this process. If the above process does not work, you can try performing step 3 on both radios simultaneously. 

The Interphone System

These are usually personal issue and can be purchased from MCi2

To use the Interphone radios (paired set). 

  1.  Turn on both by pressing the interphone button on each unit (white picture of motor cycle on the button)
  2. After a few moments the lights on each unit should flash simultaneously indicating they are ready to use.
  3. Check they are working. If NOT press the interphone button on one unit once and see if they work. If still not working press the interphone button on the other unit once and test again. If still not working turn both off and try again.
  4. To Switch off press the smallest button once (DO NOT HOLD DOWN as it can unpair the units)

If you are unable to get them to work then please ask one of the Umpire coordinates to help or inform them.
PLEASE do not just put away and leave for someone else.

If you have purchased a single Interphone radio follow the instructions provided.

Guidance for use of Umpire Radios

WHAT THEY ARE: Radios are an additional tool which can help you to clarify issues that you would not usually be able to discuss during the game.

WHAT THEY ARE NOT: They are not a replacement for the existing communication skills you use to manage the players and liaise with your colleague.

When using radios –


  • Advise the captains prior to the start of the game, and allow sufficient time to prepare properly;

  • Be aware that some teams may not have experienced the use of microphones, and may not always understand how they are used by the umpires; 

  • Work to achieve a balance between talking too much and not making use of the tool;

  • Ensure the majority of your communication is directed to the players

  • Maintain eye contact with the players and give clear signals

  • Concentrate on the game, not on using the microphones;

  • Still take time to come together to discuss major game changing decisions.


  • Distract the players and/or your colleague with too much chat;

  • Allow the radio to get in the way of the normal business of communicating with the players/your colleague;

  • Debate every decision;

  • Try and umpire for your colleague;

  • Run a commentary on everything happening in the game.


  • To support/consult/clarify decisions if required;

  • To discuss things like tightening up the whistle in response to a rise in tempo, use of cards;

  • To clarify what a card was given for/obtain the number of the offending player more easily;

  • To be aware of low level control comments between your colleague and the players;

  • To give praise for a good decision or advantage.