Amersham and Chalfont HC - Umpire Awards

In the season 2018 - 2019 the club decided to recognise its umpires by means of an award to be handed out at the end of season dinner.
These awards were donated to the club and specifically remember three important past members. Over many many years they contributed a huge amount not only by umpiring but through coaching and holding administrative roles and sadly are no longer with us.

The Colin Wainwright Award
This award given annually to the umpire that has contributed the most to the mens section and named in honour of Colin Wainwright

Colin first became involved with Amersham HC in the 60’s, captaining teams, becoming secretary and the county representative. He was later made Vice president of Amersham HC and was involved in the move to secure a new pitch at Newlands Park and subsequently the link up between Amersham and Chalfont St Peter HC's to form our current club.

Colin umpired from the 70’s never wishing to join a panel but enjoying being a club umpire and maintaining close links with all his friends at the club, especially the mens Vets where he both played and umpired for many years. He was able to umpire at all levels including the first team and did so without favour (demonstrated by sending his son off more than once). Umpiring was never a duty but a pleasure which could be appreciated when seeing him smile after some of his decisions!. He would have been proud to be linked to the award, but would always prefer the recipient to be the one focused upon for all their efforts and contribution. (Tribute by Colin's son Tim)

The Gaye Pickard Award                 
This award given annually to the umpire that has contributed the most to the junior section and named in honour of Gaye Pickard (nee Tyler)

For most of you the name Gaye Pickard doesn’t mean a lot. For this I am sorry. Sorry that you didn’t know who she was, sorry that you missed her smile, sorry that you missed the grace with which she played hockey. Most of her hockey playing career was on grass which constantly showed off her gazelle like qualities as she was relentless in her coverage of the pitch.

She was elegant, graceful and always always humble. She never judged, always complimented and by the time a game of hockey was over, she had won over the opposition with her personality. Once met always remembered. 

You may wonder why we have chosen Gaye as the person we want to name this trophy after. Well to be an umpire is not just about rules and regulations, it’s about personality, trust and fairness. Gaye umpired many a game at the end of her playing career and we all knew that no matter the result, Gaye made you feel that you were playing a game that was to be enjoyed and she was there to make sure you did. 

I think that we can all name at least one person in our lives who epitomised who we wanted to be as a person. Gaye was that person. (Tribute by Janet Carter)


The Val Cremin Award
This award given annually to the umpire that has contributed the most to the ladies section and named in honour of Val Cremin

Val joined Little Chalfont Ladies in 1994 on the folding of the Holmer Green Ladies, this was later to become Amersham Ladies, and subsequently Amersham & Chalfont Ladies. She played for 13 years, up to her last game in the 2007/08 season.
Val was an extremely active playing member, she served on the committee in various offices, assisted with the Junior section and was awarded Clubman of the year in 2004. She even had time to introduce her family to the club, Sean, James and Louise, who are still active playing members. Val is still remembered to this day not only by the older members but also by many of her colts who now form the backbone of the club. The family are proud and honoured for Val to be associated with this annual award. (Tribute by Val's husband Sean)

Winners of the awards:


Gaye Pickard Award

Colin Wainwright Award

Val Cremin Award


Fraser Barnes

Kern Sorzano

Mike Snell


Ed Watson & Ben Nicholls

Norman Baker

Pat Cross