Amersham and Chalfont HC - Holiday Hockey Camps

Summer Holiday 2021 Hockey Camps 

After a very successful set of Easter and May half term camps we have now opened the bookings for the Summer holiday camps. 

All the camps are suitable for members and non-members alike, so please do spread the word and forward this invitation to your friends. 

All camps are run at the pitch in Amersham. For most camps the day starts with registration between 9.45 - 10am with pick-up at the end of the day at 15.00. Which means a packed lunch will be required.

However we are trying a few different formats and varying the content a bit for a change. So for the Performance and GK camps and a few others these are either two or three hour camps, with start and end times as per below, and no lunch. 

To attend the Performance camps you must be in the top A&C age group squad or playing AC or above elsewhere. These will be an intense high level couple of hours with Mike Pell, a former National League player and very experienced coach. The GK specialist camps will be run by John Spicer.

All age groups based on 2021-22 season (so next season - if for example your child is currently in Yr5 they are an U12 for the camps), with booking and payment information below this schedule:


Monday 26th July

U14’s and U16's. GK’s welcome. 

Tuesday 27th July

10-12: U6’s & U8’s  

Wednesday 28th July

U8's & U10's, Beginners welcome

Thursday 29th July

10-12: U6’s & U8’s

1-4: U10 and U12 Match Tactics afternoon, focussing on 7 a side tactics. GK’s welcome.

Friday 30th July

U10's and U12's. GK’s welcome. Beginners welcome


 Monday 2nd August

10-12: U6’s & U8’s 

Tuesday 3rd August

U12’s and U14’s. GK’s welcome

Wednesday 4th August

U14’s and U16's. GK’s welcome

Thursday 5th August

U8's & U10's, Beginners welcome

Friday 6th August

U10's and U12's + Specialist GK camp. Beginners welcome


Monday 16th August

U8’s & U10’s, Beginners welcome

Tuesday 17th August

10-12: U10 and U12 Performance & Specialist GK camps

1-4: U14 and U16 Performance & Specialist GK camps

Wednesday 18th August

10-12: U10 and U12 Performance & Specialist GK camps

1-4: U14 and U16 Performance & Specialist GK camps

Thursday 19th August

U10's & U12's, Beginners welcome. GK’s welcome

Friday 20th August

U14's & U16's. GK’s welcome


Monday 23rd August

U6’s & U8’s, Beginners welcome

Tuesday 24th August

U14's & U16's. GK’s welcome

Wednesday 25th August

U8's & U10's, Beginners welcome. + up to 4 who want to try playing in goal for the first time for part of the day (U10 only)

Thursday 26th August

U10's & U12's, Beginners welcome. GK’s welcome, + up to 4 who want to try playing in goal for the first time for part of the day (U12 only)

Friday 27th August

U12's & U14's, Beginners welcome. GK’s welcome




Cost, booking & payment details

The cost will generally be £25 per 5 hour day. For the 2 hour sessions except the Performance the cost is £10. For the 2 hour Performance and the 3 hour Match Tactics the cost is £15. For the 3 hour Performance for the older children it is £20. All in Teamo when you book.


All bookings need to be made via the club system, Teamo. If you are already registered with the club, whether as a player or a mailing list member, you will be able to see the applicable camps in your calendar.


If you are not yet signed up to A&C Teamo because you play for another club or do not play club hockey please follow this link:

It is all pretty self-explanatory on the screens, but a few things to be aware of:

The system is not compatible with some versions of Safari. 

If you, the parent, are a player at A&C then you register yourself first, download the app and then come back to register your children (user guide can be found at: Amersham & Chalfont HC Registration Guide - Playing Parents (3).pdf)

If you are not a player do one child first, then additional children, then enter a parent / guardian. You also have the option to enter a 2nd parent/ guardian (user guide can be found at: Amersham & Chalfont HC Registration Guide - Non Playing Parents.pdf )

For date of birth don’t scroll back month by month! Instead click on the date at the top e.g. Feb 2021 and you can then go quickly to the correct year.

When registering children who are not regular members (do not currently expect to pay A&C subs for 2021-22) select Mailing List as the Club Section/ Team (only select this one option - if you select Junior Main Season you will be invoiced for membership in September).

Once you have registered, download the Teamo app. You'll then need to wait while your child(ren) are put into the group (Junior Associates) that can see the camps. This should be done within 24 hours.

As a Mailing List / Junior Associate member you'll be able to see all the camps, so please only book on to the one(s) applicable for your childs age group. 

Select the camp/date you want, click ticket required, enter payment details (the first time you connect your payment card it may take a few minutes, as the details are stored in Stripe), then connect your child to the relevant camp. Note that you have to book in one child per day and then pay, there is no ‘shopping basket’. But once your card is registered with Stripe then it should be all very quick.

 If you have a problem with using Teamo please either use their Help Center at (self help /FAQ’s)or contact them at (not a live chat but email, and they aim for a response by the next day), or there is Support Chat within the app that they try to respond to within a few hours (during working hours Monday to Friday).

If you do not use mobile banking then please complete the registration, book onto the camp without paying, and then email me at and I can sort payment by cheque.


We can accommodate complete beginners as shown above. The camps are a great way to give hockey a try for the first time, but please do let me know they are a beginner so we can plan to provide additional support as they get started. 

If your child already plays then please encourage them to bring a friend (we particularly need more boys as a result of not getting into Primary schools the last 2 seasons due to Covid).

If the day you want is full then please email me at I will see if we can add more coaches to enable more participants.


Irene and the ACHC camps team