Amersham and Chalfont HC - Equality Policy

England Hockey is committed to the principles of equality in sport. England Hockey aims to ensure that all people within the hockey family, irrespective of their age, gender, ability, race, religion or belief, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, social status or sexual orientation, have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in hockey at all levels and in all roles. That includes participation in hockey at all levels and in all roles.

England Hockey will ensure that there will be open access to all those who wish to participate in any aspect of hockey activities and that they are treated fairly, equally and with respect.

Amersham & Chalfont Hockey Club are also committed to the Equality Policy and adopt this formally.  The club expects all of it's members to be aware of and adhere to the policy as part of their membership.  The club expects that parents of junior members read and adhere to the policy and ensure that they encourage their children to do the same.  While we appreciate it is a detailed policy, we would ask that parents explain the idea behind it to their children that play at the club, so they understand the basic principle.

Here is the policy: